What MowerGUARD products are available?

MowerGUARD™ is packaged in 3 different configurations:
- 7oz aerosol cans
- 12oz aerosol cans
- Starter Paks

MowerGUARD™ Starter Pak
This convenient clamshell package contains
one 7oz MowerGUARD Can, and one
Cleaning Wire Grind Wheel that fits most
electric drills.  This package is for the first
time user to properly clean the mower deck
and apply the product on a mower up to 21”.
After use the clamshell package can be used
to store the cleaning tool and unused
MowerGUARD for the next use.

MowerGUARD™ Master Pack
MowerGUARD can be purchased in a case
of 12-7oz or 6-12oz cans for consumers
with a large number of mowers, like lawn
care services, commercial institutions,
schools, golf courses.